Tips for Preparing Nominations

Due: The 2020 Call for Nominations will open January 6th and close March 1st

  • Carefully review the award criteria.
  • Keep the nomination statement concise and to the point. The nomination statement should not exceed 1,500 words. Five to six hundred well-chosen words are generally adequate and recommended.
  • In addition to noting basic facts (dates, titles, years of service, etc.) about the nominee's professional and volunteer history, briefly describe the key accomplishments achieved by the nominee in these various positions and volunteer posts.
  • Supplements (such as letter of recommendation or curricula vitae) may be attached to the nomination statement; however, these are not a substitute for the content of the nomination statement, which must clearly and thoroughly detail the nominee's accomplishments.
  • The nomination must be submitted online by March 1, 2020 for consideration by the InfantSEE & Children's Vision committee.

For questions about the Dr. W. David Sullins, Jr. InfantSEE Award, please contact InfantSEE at or 314-983-4286

Model Nomination


Dr. John Smith has, since his graduation from XXX College of Optometry, been active in optometric projects and organization. His practice reflects a high caliber of patient relationships and his civic activities are exemplary.

When InfantSEE was first proposed, Dr. Smith recognized its potential for public service, and he promptly signed on as a volunteer and a leader in the movement. His success is reflected in the number of ways he fused the examination of infants into his daily practice.

Here are some of the projects he has undertaken:

  • Decorates his reception area to reflect a baby-friendly environment
  • Displays InfantSEE and children's vision literature for patients to take with them
  • He and his staff wear InfantSEE badges that say "Ask Us About InfantSEE" encouraging dialogue among staff, patients, and himself on the importance of infant vision
  • Presents information to mothers' groups and other civic organizations to raise awareness about InfantSEE
  • He has informed local television stations and radio stations about the program and conducted several interviews about the program
  • Includes an explanation of the program in semi-annual newsletters urging patients to tell friends and family about InfantSEE
  • Encourages colleagues who have not yet enrolled as InfantSEE providers to sign up
  • Conducted demonstrations for colleagues to help them become more comfortable with the process
  • Includes InfantSEE discussions in staff meetings to help the entire office become familiar and competent at promoting the program


To assist patients and the public to understand and appreciate the scope of optometry better, Dr. Smith has always been active on the public relations front. He is deeply proud of his profession and speaks about it with gusto and confidence. Here are just a few things he has done to advance optometry in the public sector:

  • As a member of the Kiwanis, he has given prepared talks on optometry and has arranged for other optometrists to be speakers about subjects such as sports vision, vision therapy, and contact lenses. He proudly introduced InfantSEE to fellow Kiwanians and their spouses.
  • He has been active in community affairs working with the mayor and civic leaders on beautification projects and safety. He headed the Bicycle Safety Programs in 2016.
  • He is a frequent speaker at other clubs presenting information on optometry and related subjects.
  • He has worked with other groups on local health fairs, hunter safety programs, etc.