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Guide to good vision

Vision is a dominant process in the growth, development and daily performance of children. Good vision includes healthy eyes, age appropriate visual acuity, visual integration and visual skills such as eye teaming, eye focusing and eye motility. Optometrists can evaluate these components and help ensure your child reaches his or her potential.

Visual acuity: Visual acuity is the ability to see objects appropriate for your child’s age.  It can be measured by your optometrist long before your child can read or recognize letters.

Eye health: Eye disease can impair vision or lead to vision loss if not diagnosed and treated. Most conditions can be treated best if caught early.

Visual integration: The ability to process and integrate visual information, which includes and coordinates input from our other senses and previous experiences so that we can understand what we see.  The eye-hand coordination involved in tossing a ball, or a game of patty-cake, requires a great deal of teamwork between the senses.

Visual skills your baby is learning:

Eye teaming: The ability of the eyes to work together.

Eye focusing: The ability of the eyes to focus clearly at different distances quickly, accurately, and for sustained periods of time.

Eye motility or tracking: The ability of the eyes to smoothly follow moving objects and to move accurately from one object to another.

Suggested activities to help with infant vision development:

  • Keep reach and touch toys within baby's focus about 8"-12"
    • Select toys with bright and contrasting colors
    • Allow baby to touch, pull, hold, kick toys
    • Provide toys with different shapes and textures for baby to explore
  • Encourage tummy time
    • Stimulate both sides of the body to develop laterality and binocularity
    • Encourage crawling and creeping to develop eye-hand coordination
  • Alternate feeding from right and left sides

The mission of Optometry Cares - The AOA Foundation is to expand eye care awareness, education and research and access to eye health and vision care to everyone in the United States in order to enhance human performance and quality of life.

Optometry Cares - The AOA Foundation supports VISION USA, InfantSEE, the Scholarship Fund, the National Optometry Hall of Fame, Healthy Eyes Healthy Children Community Grants, the Archives & Museum of Optometry and Optometry's Fund for Disaster Relief.

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